Enjoy the Journey

Early in my career I believed that it was important to get to the destination as quickly as possible. However, after learning from success and failure I discovered...how you get there can actually be more important than where you go. There are many routes to take along your entrepreneurial path. Some are fast and others are slow. Some are dangerous and others are low risk. No matter your destination it is more important that you enjoy the journey, constantly learn along the way, and improve the way you make decisions. If you have not learned how to make good decisions and have fun along the way then you are destined for failure.

Success is less about the final destination and more about the journey or process that you take along the way. It should be fun. You should like your traveling companions. Appreciate the little successes and learn how to repeat them so they can become exponentially bigger. It is equally important to learn from the little failures on your path so they don't become massive problems in the future. While speed can be useful strategic advantage if you are first to market those advantages can be quickly lost don't have the correct solution for the market. Sometimes going slow enough to create an innovative solutions will yield a greater competitive advantage than simply being fast. Either way, you need to be true to yourself and enjoy the process or you might arrive at your destination and find that you are there before the market or find out that the market was never going there in the first place.